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Looking back at 2019!

November 10, 2019

2019 was quite a year, filled with lots of collaborations with Javanese musicians, dancers, and puppeteers. In February, we supported NAFA’s wayang workshop with dhalang [shadow puppeteer] Ki Aneng from Yogyakarta (Photos by Heiting Wong):

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In July we had a week of workshops and a final klenengan with guest musicians and instructors Mas Riyadi and Mbak Lestari:

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We accompanying the dancers from the Pakualaman Palace alongside their master musicians as part of Lintas Nusantara 2019 (photos by Haiqal Tahir):

Last but not least, we also were honored to play with Mas Bayu Purnama, accompanying dhalang Ki Catur Benyek Kuncoro wayang at the launch of Wayang and its Doubles, a new book by Dr Jan Mrazek, our ensemble’s founder (photos by Haiqal Tahir):

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Watch our livestream of the event here (admittedly much less sophisticated than the streams you get of wayang in Java!):